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Our Story

Auslife Disability Care was established to assist all Australians in their journey towards a healthier and happier life through active engagement in the design and delivery of personal care. We will ensure health and wellbeing through a range of well-designed programs, referral services and cultural activities.
Our aim is to continue to create and maintain a culturally inclusive community through a strong supportive organisation. That is why we will tailor a range of supports and services to actively be engaged and have many lifestyle choices.
Today is the day we begin to learn to look through the eyes of others; to find out and experience what the world is like for them. Today we welcome everyone with an outstretched hand of friendship. We welcome you to join us on our journey of care for all.



For all Australians to be able to live with dignity and independence in a place of their choice whilst enjoying an active social engagement with their community through our culturally diverse care service.


We design and implement the opportunities to empower all Australians on their journey towards a healthier and happier life through active engagement in the custom design and delivery of care services, building inclusive, compassionate and sustainable communities. We are especially committed to people who are disadvantaged and marginalised.

Common Core Principles

• Provide services and support with cultural sensitivity & acuity
• Empowering engagement and promoting independence
• Mindful communication; clear and sensitive to the needs of the client
• Support meaningful interaction
• Inclusive and respectful practices with family members
• Professionally licenced and certified team

Our Values

Our services and activities are founded on the following values:
• Passion for Caring
• Mindfulness & Gratitude
• Empowering Engagement
• Respect for the Individual & their Culture
• Family Values
• Cohesive Working Team

Customer Focus and Innovation

We work with the family and the individual to create a custom program. The personally designed program provides the exclusive support and care for the individual needs and wants. With adaptive technology and transformational approach, we empower independence in the individual to realise a life they've dreamed of. We are the vehicle that will deliver the dream to those who are willing.


Auslife Disability Care deeply honours the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Our team is proud to stand together, whole and undivided in our mission to make life happen for individuals in need. The Auslife Disability Care family is loyal to your family, committed and dedicated to a fully transparent relationship with you in our premium care services.


The Auslife Disability Care team work with devotion to deliver care for each individual to ensure a reliable outcome. The checks and balances in our business system ensures all care is delivered as promised in accordance to our key performance indicators.


Collaboration with an extensive network of stakeholders and partners gives us strong relationships, reinforce our social impacts to spread awareness throughout our community with mutual support and assistance.

We are truly committed to empowering, uplifting, and supporting our clients and their families with heartfelt respect, care and authenticity

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