Mental Health and Psychosocial Disability Support Services Melbourne

Individuals navigating the complexities of me­ntal health disability and psychosocial disabilities seek compassionate care. From anxiety and de­pression to more challenging conditions like­ schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, these­ issues can give rise to psychosocial disabilitie­s. This can impact one's ability to engage with the­ world and live life independently.

These challenges, often unseen and unheard, can profoundly impact an individual's daily life, relationships, and aspirations. At Auslife Care, we're dedicated to rewriting stories filled with hope, resilience, and empowerment. Recognising the profound impact of these challenges, we provide compassionate NDIS behaviour support, guidance, and care. 

What is Psychosocial Disability and How Can the NDIS Help?

Psychosocial Disability (PSD) refers to the impact that mental health issues can have on a person's social functioning. It encompasse­s the difficulties faced by individuals in se­tting goals, participating in education, employment, and other social activities. All these conditions may affect a person’s ability to live confidently and engage in community.

The National Disability Insurance Sche­me (NDIS) recognises the specific needs of participants with PSD. It aims to support them through personalised NDIS 24 hour care services. By providing a tailored care plan, the NDIS helps transform lives by turning challenges into opportunities for personal growth and empowerme­nt.

Improving the Mental Health of People with Disabilities

At Auslife Care, our belief transcends beyond merely providing disability services. We are committed to transforming lives with the aid of NDIS mental health services. Our holistic approach ensures that every individual's unique needs are met with compassion. Moreover, our team of dedicated disability support workers is trained in various facets of mental health support. Here's an insight into our unwavering support:

  • Targeted Psychosocial Recovery Coaching: Our experienced mentors, guide participants through their recovery journey, ensuring they're never alone in their battles.
  • Goal Setting and Achievement Guidance: Every individual has dreams and we help carve out a clear path to those aspirations. Our skilled team ensures that mental health challenges aren't roadblocks but hurdles that can be overcome.
  • Promoting Independence: There's a unique joy in leading a self-reliant life. We empower individuals with skills, knowledge, and confidence. We encourage them to lead fulfilling, autonomous lives, irrespective of their challenges.
  • Enhanced Community Participation: Social connections enrich our lives and thus our experts focus on bridging the gap between individuals and their communities. They help build relationships and ensure that our clients have a rich social life.
  • Skill Development: Through various programs, we help individuals craft a stronger, more resilient version of themselves.
  • Everyday Coping Mechanisms: We offer pragmatic solutions, tools, and strategies to manage daily tasks – from commuting and housekeeping to budgeting, we ensure a smoother daily life for people with disabilities.
  • Access to Support Services: From health to housing, we connect individuals with essential services, giving them a robust support system.
  • Holistic Support Collaboration: Our approach is collaborative which is why we work hand-in-hand with service partners, individuals, and their families. That way, we address every aspect of an individual's well-being.
  • Workforce Entry Assistance: Reintegrating into the workforce can be daunting. We offer comprehensive training, skill development, and specialised employment services. Our support workers make sure that participants are job-ready and confident to step back into their professional lives.
  • Psychosocial Recovery Coaching: It is a strengths-based support system that helps individuals with psychosocial disabilities lead fulfilling lives.

By choosing Auslife Care­, you're opting for a compassionate­ partner who truly cares about your well-being. With an unwavering dedication to enhancing the lives of individuals with mental health, we assist people with psychosocial disabilitie­s. Whether you or a loved one requires guidance, support, or simply someone to lend an empathe­tic ear, we are here to help.  You can call us on (03) 9221 6232 or email us at for further queries.


Auslife Care supports various permanent disabilities stemming from various mental health conditions such as dementia. depression. bipolar disorder. obsessive-compulsive disorder. schizophrenia. Through personalised support, we ensure tailored care for each individual’s unique challenges. To know more about how we can help, call us on (03) 9221 6232.

Auslife Care offers many services, including respite care, social, community participation, Supported Independent Living (SIL), and personal care. All these services can be tailored to empower individuals to live their way.

Auslife Care’s holistic approach to care includes skill development and community participation, which enhances employment opportunities.

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