NDIS 24/7 Complex Support Services in Melbourne

Auslife Care is committed to providing 24/7 NDIS complex support in Melbourne. Our services are specifically designed to address the requirements of elderly people and individuals with disabilities. We also serve those recuperating from serious illnesses or surgeries and suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's. Our all-encompassing and empathetic care, allows NDIS participants to live life to the fullest.

Our NDIS Complex Support Services

With our NDIS complex support services, people with various needs can get comprehensive support. The best part is that they can lead fulfilling lives in their own homes. This assistance goes above and beyond simple medical care. Our services include:

  • Personal Care Services: As a registered provider of complex care, we are aware of how critical it is to uphold one's dignity and personal cleanliness. Our support workers will help with bathing or taking showers. Whether it’s following doctor's orders and guaranteeing medication adherence, we are here to assist. Our trained team can give medication reminders as well as provide administration as per the requirement.

  • Disability Services: We promote social inclusion and independence for people with disabilities. Our disability programmes provide different forms of assistance. To encourage safe and independent movement, we provide help with transfers, walking, using walkers or wheelchairs, and navigating various terrains. With the use of assistive technology, alternative communication techniques, and good interpersonal facilitation, we assist our participants. Also, our skilled team can help people who struggle with communication.

  • Disability Housing Assistance: Accessible housing might be difficult to find for those with impairments. We can help them choose suitable and accessible home options that suit their unique requirements and preferences. While doing that, we also take their budget, location, and accessibility features into account. To make sure their preferred living situation is secure and easily accessible, we can connect them with experts and resources.

  • In-home Respite Care: Providing care for someone with intricate requirements can be taxing. Hence, for caregivers, it's crucial to take breaks to avoid burnout and preserve their health. We have compassionate and trained support workers who may come into your house and provide short-term care. During this time, participants can also attend appointments, take a well-earned holiday, or unwind.

Auslife Care wants to empower people with disabilities to live independently, safely, and with dignity. Therefore, we offer these extensive NDIS complex support services in Melbourne. Additionally, we give our clients and their families all essential assistance. You can call us on (03) 9221 9232 / (03) 9099 0092 or email us at info@auslifecare.com.au to learn more about our services.


You can expect dedicated care from Auslife Care’s home caring team. They are experienced to tailor the services to meet individual needs and ensure comfort around the clock.

Yes. Auslife Care specialises in providing comprehensive 24-hour care services for the elderly, ensuring their well-being and comfort in their homes. To learn more about our services and how we can help, call us on (03) 9099 0092.

Yes, Auslife Care is committed to catering to diverse needs and can arrange for support staff who understand and communicate in your loved one’s preferred language.  This isn’t confirmed whether they have workers speaking in different languages

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