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Medium Term Accommodation Services in Melbourne

NDIS participants often find it difficult to locate suitable short-term housing while they wait for their permanent residence. For this reason, Auslife Care provides medium term accommodation in Melbourne. It offers a secure, cosy, and encouraging setting to help individuals with disabilities. This service makes the transition between their present and future living arrangements easy.

What is Included in NDIS MTA?

Our medium term accommodation by NDIS offers an extensive array of services to guarantee ease, good health, and a smooth transition. Here’s what participants get:

  • Comfortable Living Spaces: Our NDIS clients will receive services that meet their unique needs and preferences. By providing a range of lodging options in different locations, we ensure their comfort. We give entirely furnished rooms that are immaculate and equipped with everything they'll need for a relaxing stay. Additionally, we accommodate various tastes and accessibility needs. Whether a person is looking for a smaller studio apartment, a shared living space, or a self-contained apartment, we can help.
  • Personalised Support: Our professionals possess extensive training and experience so they can provide top-notch services. They are trained to provide empathetic and respectful support to make participants feel secure and in control of their stay. Regular training informs our team members about the newest techniques and most effective ways to assist people with significant disabilities.

  • Community Participation: We are committed to helping our participants to feel connected and at home. Our MTA support actively involves them in events and activities. This fosters meaningful connections, community involvement, and social interaction. Opportunities like neighbourhood gatherings, joining civic associations, and volunteering are adequately provided in the programme.

  • Recreational and Skill-Building Activities: We ensure continuous engagement in leisure and skill-development activities tailored to each person's needs. These events foster independence, develop new interests, and build skills. They also help in improving overall mental as well as physical health. Additionally, individuals can take part in exercise classes and acquire new life skills like cooking and gardening. Moreover, they can attend art and music therapy programs.

  • Transition Support: We understand that moving to a new permanent residence may be an exciting and intimidating experience. As such, we offer committed support to assist people with disabilities in getting ready for a seamless move. This entails helping with organising and logistics, locating required materials, etc. In addition, we connect them with pertinent support services so that they feel secure and ready for this new stage. 

At Auslife Care, we are aware that each person has different needs. To create a customised MTA plan, our committed team works closely with participants and their families. That way, we make sure we meet each participant's unique needs and preferences. As one of the most trusted, medium term accommodation providers, we enable our NDIS clients to live their lives to the fullest. We do that by promoting independence, choice, and connection—we don't just provide housing.

To know more about NDIS MTA, feel free to call us on (03) 9221 9232/(03) 9099 0092 or email us at

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