NDIS Post Hospital Care in Melbourne

Returning home after a hospital stay can be difficult, particularly for people with significant disability. Auslife Care provides NDIS post hospital care services in Melbourne to assist individuals in regaining their independence and general well-being. As a registered NDIS service provider, we recognise the value of a seamless and assisted recovery.

Why is post hospital care important and What does it Include?

It can be difficult to navigate post hospital care and calls for a variety of supports. The after discharge support service offers a customised approach to NDIS participants. It takes into account their individual needs and makes sure they recover safely and comfortably at home. Here’s what we offer:

  • Customised Support: We carry out a thorough evaluation to comprehend our client’s particular requirements. Our staff takes into account the type of disability, the present state of health, functional restrictions, and long-term objectives. Additionally, we collaborate with individuals, their families, and the medical staff consisting of therapists, nurses, and doctors. This way, we develop a strategy that works in unison with their current course of therapy and rehabilitation.

  • Qualified Care Professionals: We work with occupational therapists, physiotherapists, support staff, and registered nurses. These skilled and experienced experts make up our team. They are knowledgeable individuals with extensive experience in a range of fields pertinent to your requirements.

  • Medication Management: To encourage adherence and enhance the efficacy of your therapy, we create reminders. This practice makes sure individuals take their meds at the recommended times and as prescribed. Our experts can securely give out prescription drugs to people who need help as directed by your physician.

  • Transportation and Accompaniment: With a sympathetic support workers, we provide reliable travel assistance. We help them get around public areas, carrying their stuff, and monitoring their general well-being the entire way. We collaborate with participants to arrange transport services per their preferred outings and appointment hours.

  • Meal Preparation and Nutrition Support: Depending on tastes and any dietary requirements, our support workers can help prepare wholesome and delectable meals. We can also connect our clients with licensed nutritionists who can offer specialised nutritional guidance. This will assist us in meeting unique health objectives and recuperation processes.

  • Emotional Support and Companionship: To overcome the emotional difficulties related to hospitalisation and recuperation, we provide company and emotional support. By providing constructive feedback and motivation, we help individuals regain self-assurance. They can also overcome everyday obstacles with increased self-sufficiency.

At Auslife Care, we do more than just provide NDIS services. We are committed to developing caring relationships with each person, promoting safety and well-being through the healing process. Contact us to discuss your unique requirements with our well-trained professionals. Moreover, find out how our NDIS post hospital care services in Melbourne may help you during the healing process.

To know more, you can call us on (03) 9221 9232 / (03) 9099 0092 or email us at info@auslifecare.com.au

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