The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides support for people with disabilities so that they can live their lives as independently as possible. One of the services covered by NDIS is short term accommodation, which can be used for respite care, holidays, or other purposes.

There are many reasons why Melbourne is a great place for NDIS short term accommodation. This blog from Auslife Care, a registered disability provider, explains why.

Why Choose STA in Melbourne?

  1. There is a wide range of accommodation options available in the city, from hotels and serviced apartments to self-contained units and houses. This means that there is something to suit every budget and need.
  2. Melbourne is home to a number of world-class hospitals and medical facilities, making it an ideal location for those who require access to quality healthcare.
  3. The city has a wide range of leisure and recreational activities on offer, meaning that there is something to suit everyone’s taste. Whether you’re looking to explore the great outdoors or experience the vibrant nightlife, Melbourne has it all.
  4. Melbourne is well-connected, with a number of transport options available. This makes it easy to get around the city, whether you’re using public transport or renting a car.
  5. The climate in Melbourne is generally mild, making it a comfortable place to live. However, the city does experience four distinct seasons, so it’s important to be prepared for occasional extreme weather conditions.

If you’re looking for NDIS short term accommodation in Melbourne, there are plenty of options available to suit your needs and budget. With so much to offer, the city is an ideal choice for those requiring quality care and support.

Tips on Choosing the Best Disability Accommodation in Melbourne

There are a number of different types of short term accommodation available in Melbourne. If you’re not sure where to start your search, you can use the NDIS provider finder tool to get a list of options in your area. 

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s important to consider what type of accommodation will best suit your needs. For example, if you require wheelchair access, you’ll need to make sure that the property you choose has appropriate facilities. 

It’s also important to think about what kind of disability support you’ll need during your stay. For instance, if you need help with cooking or getting around the city, you’ll want to choose a property that offers assistance with these things. 

Finally, don’t forget to factor in the cost of accommodation when making your decision. The NDIS covers a certain amount of costs for short term accommodation, but you may have to pay additional fees depending on the type of property you choose.

Auslife Care | Provider of Great Disability Accommodations in Melbourne

Auslife Care: Provider of Great Disability Accommodations in Melbourne

There are a number of factors to consider when searching for short term accommodation in Melbourne for people with disabilities. From finding a property that suits your needs to considering the cost, it’s important to do your research before making a decision. With a little bit of planning, you’re sure to find the perfect place to stay in Melbourne.

If you want great STA’s in Melbourne, make sure to check out the following listings from Auslife Care:

These areas in Melbourne are known to have great accessibility in the community, providing interesting sceneries and social events and having wonderful people. Contact us today to visit some of these accommodations and experience the best short-stay with us!