If you’re an NDIS participant in Melbourne, you may have heard of something called “Supported Independent Living” (SIL). But what is it? In this blog post, Auslife Care, a trusted disability provider in Victoria, explains what SIL is and how it can help you achieve your goals.

What Is SIL?

Supported independent living in NDIS is a term that is used to describe a range of services and support that can be provided to NDIS participants who wish to live as independently as possible in the community. 

SIL housing and services can include things like help with domestic tasks, personal care, community access, transport, and more. The aim of SIL is to help participants develop the skills and confidence they need to live independently. .

How Can SIL Help Me?

If you are an NDIS participant, SIL can help you in a number of ways. For example, if you need help with domestic tasks, a SIL provider can assist you with things like cooking, cleaning, and laundry. If you need assistance with personal care tasks, a SIL provider can help you with things like showering, dressing, and grooming. 

In addition to helping you with daily tasks, a SIL provider can also support you to access the community. This might involve taking you to appointments or social activities, or providing transport to and from work or study. 

Achieving Your Goals with SIL

As a person living with disability, SIL NDIS can be a great way to achieve your goals. Whether you need help with daily tasks or community access, a SIL provider can assist you. This disability service can be customised according to your requirements.

Auslife: Supporting Your Goal Towards Independent Living

SIL is an important service for NDIS participants in Melbourne who wish to live as independently as possible in the community. If you’re an NDIS participant in Melbourne and would like to find out more about supported independent living, please contact Auslife today.

Learn how our team can provide you with the right support services for your goal to develop your independence. You can avail great respite care services, personal assistance, community activities and great disability accommodations around Melbourne when you call us today!