In Australia, it is said that 1 out of 11 people are carers. It means 2.65 million Australians have been assisting the daily life of a friend or relative. They can have a disability, medical condition, mental health problems or have old age. This number does not include people working as a professional care worker. 

Due to the increasing demand for professional disability workers, Australia welcomed more care workers. On the other hand, primary carers at home face different challenges as well. One of them is exhaustion and complete burnout due to their 24/7 caring responsibilities. 

In order to support the wellbeing of the primary carers in the country, many support providers include respite care and NDIS short term accommodation in their services. Auslife Disability Care, the leading provider of disability care and NDIS respite services in Australia, tackles the qualities of a great NDIS STA.

What is a Short Term Accommodation?

According to the NDIS guidelines, STA with respite is a kind of support given when a participant needs to live out of his/her own home for a short period of time. It is funded by the NDIA to give support for both the participant and their primary carers at home.

Qualities of a Great Respite Accommodation

  • Welcoming Atmosphere – Your first impressions about the place should be positive and homey. Do a thorough ocular of the facility before making the final decision.
  • Shows Respect and Dignity – People in the facility should be respectful, cheerful and values the individuality of the people staying with them for a short time.
  • Complete Amenities – Research whether you’re staying in a place with a pool, gym, or a clubhouse that are all modified to fit your needs. 
  • Serves Nutritious Meals – Ask for the menu for your short stay. Choose a respite home that values nutrition and wellness for participants.
  • Comfortable Rest Area – Inspect whether their available beds suit your needs. Stay in a room that makes you feel the most comfortable.
  • 100% Assistance – Check whether they have available support workers to stay with you closely especially if you require a higher level of care.

Social Activities – Feel free to ask about their daily itineraries for their participants. It is best to choose a place that has regular social activities for all participants.

Finding the Best NDIS Short Term Accommodation in Australia second | Auslife Disability Care

Auslife Disability Care: The Great Choice for Your Respite!

If you are a primary carer in Australia and you want to look for reliable respite services and accommodation for your loved one, Auslife Disability Care is the best option. We are a disability support provider in Melbourne that has a great selection of NDIS housing perfect for a short stay. You also have the option to avail our in-home or facility respite care services. Here at Auslife Disability Care, we can give you the best respite experience and other quality NDIS support services – so talk to us today for more details!