Supported Independent Living is NDIS funding that helps participants to live as independently as possible. At the same time, SIL providers, such as Auslife Disability Care, provide day-to-day support that meets your specific needs.

Some forms of assistance may be provided to assist you with your daily tasks but are still designed for you to have autonomy over the decisions about your care.

SIL as an NDIS service trains you to develop and enhance life skills. Your support person helps you learn the skills you need so in the long run, you have the confidence to perform tasks by yourself.

There are many home and living options that will suit different NDIS participants based on their needs. Supported independent living (SIL) allows you to live comfortably wherever your home may be.

You can get SIL if you live with other NDIS participants or if you live on your own. NDIS SIL providers can also offer you SIL housing that can cater to your needs.

What Does NDIS Fund in Supported Independent Living?

Different participants have different needs. Your SIL plan will be based on what your needs are and what particular support services you might require. Depending on what these are, NDIS services as part of SIL include:

  • Daily life skills training and support such as healthy meal preparation, cleaning, doing laundry, and general home maintenance
  • Personal care and hygiene such as toileting, showering, and dressing
  • 24/7 or overnight support for those with higher support needs
  • Community participation activities such as sports and recreational activities
  • Opportunities to develop social and communication skills
What Does NDIS Fund in Supported Independent Living | Auslife Disablity Care

Why Choose Auslife Disability Care For Your Supported Independent Living?

Auslife Disability Care’s Supported Independent Living program empowers you to have and maintain independence while giving you access to support that you may need. We tailor-fit the services we provide you depending on what your needs are.

While you develop your life skills, you can count on Auslife Disability Care to provide you with support 24/7 when you need it! Auslife Disability Care loves to care!

Wish to know more about our SIL program and available housing accommodations? Contact Auslife Disability Care now!