Addressing the increasing population of elderly people and individuals who need high levels of support means deploying more registered and unregistered NDIS providers all throughout Australia. For the past 9 years, we have been fortunate to have more disability service providers

All NDIS providers aim to enhance the lives of the most vulnerable members of our community. We share the same goal here at Auslife Disability Care. We are a disability support services provider in Melbourne that is built on our genuine care for the elderly and people with disabilities. Our goal is to build an inclusive community and a better and happier life for our clients.

Here is the list of support services for disability-related needs that we offer. It is created and planned meticulously to ensure quality service all the time.

Respite Care

At Auslife, we value both our clients and their primary caregivers at home. This is why we offer a complete disability respite service in our centre. You have the option to take a few days or weeks off, and we can take care of your loved ones in-home or at our facility. Take a break and recharge while you are at peace that everything is being well taken care of.

Social and Community Participation (NDIS)

As part of our disability support program, we encourage our clients to explore the community. It is our intention to develop their interpersonal skills and learn to participate in different group activities. They are exposed to recreational activities, recreational trips, self-development classes, and more.

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Supported Independent Living (SIL)

We are advocates of building our clients’ independence. Our disability support workers provide holistic support for NDIS participants who wish to have SIL or continue living independently in their homes. We do our best to keep them safe, secure, healthy and happy, 24/7.

Assist personal activities

Here at Auslife, we give genuine disabled care. Our team is trained to assist individuals with different levels of support needs. They are assisted in completing their personal care activities, household chores, important trips, and more.

Innovative Community Participation (NDIS)

After assessing our client’s life goals, we come up with innovative ideas to include them in different community activities. All the classes, trips, or events they are exposed to, can develop different areas in their life. We want them to enjoy the outside world and feel important in the community.

NDIS Service Providers

Auslife has come up with outstanding NDIS disability services such as:

  • NDIS Short Term Accommodation – Your NDIS fund will cover your short stay or respite within our facilities. We make sure that it is a place where you can feel at home and safe.
  • NDIS Equipment Providers – We can help you improve your mobility and communication by providing different assistive technologies suitable to your needs.
  • NDIS Gardening Providers – You can continue enjoying the beauty of your flowering garden with the help of our trained gardeners.

Transportation Assistance

Working with people with disabilities involves frequent trips to the hospital, other health facilities, social trips, and others. We have able-bodied and professional support workers who can help you in your travels around the community. You are also assisted in using public transportation and arrange private transport if needed.

Interpret and Translate

Interpretation and translation are two different words that can be helpful for NDIS clients of different races. We offer interpretation for spoken languages as well as translation for written documents. This can help you understand the services you will get and communicate with other people easily.

Personal Mobility Equipment

We can take care of your issues regarding reduced mobility due to your condition. Auslife provides the best tools and gadgets that can help you move around easily at home and in the community. Choose Auslife, a provider of the most holistic disability services near you.

Yard Maintenance Services

Let the professional yard maintenance team of Auslife Disability Care attend to your garden or lawn. We have the proper tools and expertise to care for your plants, trim your lawn, and beautify your whole garden.

Why Choose Auslife Disability Care?

If you want to receive high-quality disability support services near you, then call Auslife now. From our accessible facility, professional and compassionate support workers, and well thought-out services and programs, your life with disabilities becomes more comfortable and happier.