The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) recognizes the importance and benefits of community participation in daily life. Thus, it is a funded category in your NDIS plan, under core supports. It has been noted to be one of the most needed supports specified by people with disabilities. Supports in social and community participation under the NDIS will improve your abilities and skills to participate in your community.

Why Is It Important?

Community participation has several benefits. An NDIS participant should not miss out on the opportunity to interact with the community because it provides several benefits:

  • It promotes your independence.

Assistance with social and community participation  helps you to move independently and interact. In the long run, this can lower the need for long-term care and support and reduce expenses.

  • It improves your social skills.

You can engage in different community activities that will develop the social skills needed to build and maintain relationships like good communication.       

  • It can greatly reduce the risk for mental disorders.

People with disabilities can develop mental disorders due to isolation and loneliness, including depression, anxiety, and dementia. This can be addressed and resolved through community participation by forming a network of support systems. 

  • It can build a positive attitude and self-confidence.

NDIS group activities can provide participants with a sense of belonging. It can also help you develop a positive attitude by participating in community activities that involve planning, execution, and communication.

  • It can provide safety measures and ease of access.

Included in the NDIS assistance with social and community participation are different types of services to promote safety and easier access to the community such as mobility services.

  • It can benefit the community as a whole

Engagement in community projects and events is also good for the community at large. Aside from improving Australia’s social capital, it can also boost the economy and community diversity.

What Are Some Examples of Community Participation Activities?

Here are some of the community participation activities you can do and are funded by NDIS:

  • Volunteer in community projects
  • Attend a class or course that you are interested in
  • Go on a vacation
  • Watch a show, concert, or movie
  • Join a camp
  • Visit your local library

Will the NDIS Pay For Everything?

Funding from the NDIS will cover the expenses for getting to and joining the community participation activities. Example is having a support worker to bring you to and from the activity and help you with personal tasks during the activity. Please note that the cost of the activities themselves is not covered–  entrance fees for you, your companion, or support worker and meal expenses.

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